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Multi-Media CONTENT

Meet The 3Megos

Meet the Team

3Megos formed when three like minded and creative individuals came together with a common purpose: to create fabulous new entertainment formats for children across the world.  Meet the founders...


Martin Lowde


Martin is a skilled and experienced leader and entrepreneur in the business of creating and marketing international IP, including TV production, branded content and IP exploitation. He has worked at a senior leadership level across Broadcast, Production, Digital, Publishing and Live Media with some of the worlds biggest and most loved brands.

With a strong commercial mind and vibrant creative heart he has a proven track record in delivering excellent commercial returns against high quality creative content.  From driving the UK’s broadcast sponsorship and branded content business while at ITV through to delivering merchandise and licensing programmes for the BBC, Martin has consistently been able to lead, motivate and engage stakeholders to ensure a profitable marriage between creative needs and commercial opportunities. 


Miranda Larson

VP Storytelling

and Creativity

Miranda is a highly experienced writer and director for voice-work, TV & theatre, creating for children for over 20 years.


Writer-Director credits include Friendsical a musical parody of the TV Show Friends, Little Baby Bum Live, the the adaptation Tom Fletcher’s Christmasaurus and writing & directing of the children’s book The Night Pirates.


TV includes Pinkalicious & Peteriffic for PBS, Marco Polo Learning, Daisy & Ollie, Life Bites and Bienvenue Bienvenida Welcome for the Disney Channel. Hubble, Bubble & Squeak  for Nickelodeon, Chip and Potato for Netflix, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam & Thomas & Friend, Let's Play and Melody.


Mark Vale

VP Production and Delivery

Mark is co-founder and MD of Animation Studio CharacterShop and has 20 years experience working in children’s media, animation and live entertainment.  Highlights include co-creating and producing hit Cbeebies series Woolly & Tig which became top rated show on both the channel and BBC iPlayer and has since generated over 750 million YouTube views .  Mark also worked as a guest judge and animation producer for CITV’s Share-A-Story competition which went on to win 4 Children’s BAFTAs. 

Prior to founding CharacterShop, Mark worked at the BBC in various marketing and production roles across the Corporation.


Here at 3Megos we believe that the best shows are those which engage, enthral and entertain both on and off the screen.  we also recognise that viewing habits are changing rapidly and this brings new opportunities for content creators and brand owners.


Founded in 2017 by 3 colleagues and friends with the same creative objective: to create new formats for kids that work across media, are commercially viable, and deliver the best in entertainment.

With this goal in mind the business has rapidly developed an enviable client list and range of new IP. 

What We Do

We develop our own IP and work with brand and IP owners to develop theirs...


3Megos specialise in storytelling and character development, creating a 360 world and delivering a concrete offering for brands, consumers and audiences. In a nutshell, 3Megos unpack the values of projects and bring them together in one consistent fluid narrative. Making everything have value and sense to the project. Whether this be an idea of TV or a consumer product, 3Megos understand the value of strong storytelling and connecting with children through narrative.


Additionally, 3Megos specialise in character development, ensuring each character has their own unique persona to create identity but also dramatic and comedic conflict.



The 3Megos have an exceptional combined wealth of production talent and experience from script writing, live action production, high end animation, mixed media and digital Apps.  We can take the germ of an idea and make it sing on screen helping to take  brands to the next level, find new audiences and develop their story in new dimensions.


We oversee all of our productions in-house and work with a talented pool of like-minded artists and technicians to deliver outstanding results.



The 3Megos team recognise that great creative ideas and production is only the start. Brands and IP owners want to know how they will sell more products and how great creativity will drive new revenue streams.

With a wealth of experience, contacts and live examples of taking creative concepts to market, and driving merchandising sales, 3Megos is able to deliver a unique and valuable commercial service. 


Whether its selling licensing, developing branded content to promote commercial products, or helping with distribution, 3Megos is on hand to work with you every step of the way.  We make programmes make money!



Here at 3Megos we pride ourselves in taking the time to understand our clients, their products, brands and ambitions. Then using our combined skills and experience we blend insights with strategic and creative thinking to build stories and worlds that help them connect with and expand their target audience.

We believe our approach is unique and prime for the digital age of on-demand content consumption.


3m Values

The 3Megos business is built on 3 core values which guide and steer our development, actions and style of trading:



We seek to stimulate an enquiring mind. Our programming and interactive apps help develop creative skills and innovative approaches to problem solving. These are skills that will last the child a lifetime. Innovation and creativity is also applied to how we meet the challenges presented by our clients. We believe that truly great engaging media, needs to be based on the excellence in creativity.


We believe in the values of honesty, tolerance, resilience, inclusiveness and compassion. Therefore our stories, characters, programming, games and related off screen merchandise are designed to help build community cohesion and mutual respect. These same values are imbued in our approach to all our customers. In the end we are all in it together.


Our audiences are encouraged through everything we craete to develop a “Growth Mindset” in order to reach their full potential. We promote learning from experience and seek to instil the courage to try and try again. We always celebrate success as well as the journey towards it, nurturing talent and encouraging resilience.

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